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MINUTES - MAY 17, 2017

The Scott Township Board of Supervisors met on the above date in the Municipal Building, 350 Tenny Street (Espy), Bloomsburg, PA. The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. and opened with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. In attendance were Supervisors Paul R. Eyerly IV, Frederick D. Ackerman, Jr., and William G. Hafner. Solicitor Anthony J. McDonald from Marinos, McDonald & Knecht LLP, Police Chief Raymond J. Klingler, Maintenance Supervisor Mark J. Koons, and Secretary/Treasurer Brittany M. Stasik were also in attendance.

Regarding the New Business agenda item, the First Keystone Community Bank proposal, Lauren Duane, Business Deposit Specialist, drew the Board’s attention to their information booklet and the latest rate schedule. She provided an overview of their services.

None appearing.

Minutes of the April 19, 2017 meeting were presented for approval. Mr. Hafner made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. Mr. Ackerman seconded the motion, which carried 3-0.

The April Budget, Police, Roads, Treasurer’s, Zoning, and Tri-County COG IBC Inspection Service Reports were presented for approval. Mr. Hafner made a motion to approve the reports as presented. Mr. Ackerman seconded and the motion carried 3-0.

The General Fund bills to be paid were presented as one transfer of electronic funds and check numbers 14524—14566 for $23,009.00. In addition, Liquid Fuels Fund bills to be paid were presented as check numbers 1656—1658 for $2,293.46. Mr. Eyerly made a motion to approve the bills to be paid, with the exception of check number 14560 to Press Enterprise for $372.50. The bills to be paid totaled $24,929.96. Mr. Hafner seconded and the motion carried 3-0. Because Mr. Eyerly abstains from approving any payment to the Press Enterprise due to a conflict of interest, the vote of only two Supervisors would not constitute a quorum of the Board. Check number 14560 will be added for approval to next month’s bills to be paid.

Regarding the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) program, Mr. Koons stated a meeting took place earlier in the day with the County and the other municipalities involved. Mr. Eyerly added that in the next month, the engineers will determine the best plan to reduce the impact to Kinney Run and other areas.

Regarding the ordinances regulating parking, snow removal from sidewalks, and control of dogs, Mr. McDonald stated he reviewed the ordinances and they are finalized for adoption. Mr. Hafner made a motion to authorize the Secretary to advertise the three ordinances for consideration at the June 21 meeting. Mr. Ackerman seconded and the motion carried 3-0.

Regarding the police body cameras, Chief Klingler stated that he checked with WatchGuard and the company does not offer a discounted bundle price for purchasing both car and body cameras. Therefore, the Chief ordered three body cameras. Mr. Eyerly asked if there was any objection or motion to rescind the order. Mr. Ackerman and Mr. Hafner had no objection.

Regarding code enforcement issues, Ms. Stasik stated she discussed the condition of two nuisance properties with Mr. McDonald, who recommended bringing this matter before the Board. Ms. Stasik outlined the efforts made to contact the property owners, but without success. Mr. McDonald explained two options for rehabilitating dilapidated properties. Discussion ensued. Mr. McDonald recommended contacting the Columbia County Redevelopment Authority to see if the Authority would have an interested in obtaining the property at 2673 Old Berwick Road. The Board directed Ms. Stasik to contact Richard Kisner, Project Coordinator for CCRA. If CCRA has no interest in the property, Mr. McDonald stated he could perform a lien search to check whether there is a finance company that could be contacted. Regarding the property maintenance violations at 20 Shawnee Road, Mr. McDonald recommended hiring a constable to give official notice to the owner.

Regarding the telephone provider, Mr. Eyerly stated he contacted Verizon regarding the cost of landline service and was told that dedicated landlines would be approximately $30.00 per line, but that does not include long-distance service. PenTeleData, partnered with Ironton Telephones, provided a total package deal, including Service Electric Cablevision internet as approved at the April meeting, of $289.86. Therefore, minus the monthly internet cost of $139.95, the cost of three lines would be approximately $150.00 per month, with free local and long-distance calling. Mr. Eyerly directed Ms. Stasik to contact Verizon to get a hard quote for three landlines with local and long-distance calling, with services such as call tracing, per call blocking, *69 capability, and other options needed by the Police Department. It was unclear whether per call blocking, etc., would be available with PenTeleData service.

Regarding the Park Grant, Ms. Stasik stated three companies submitted the Request for Proposal for the Park Master Plan. The study committee met and reviewed the three, and chose the Proposal from Urban Research & Development Corporation. This is the same company that prepared the Comprehensive Plan. URDC contacted Ms. Stasik regarding scheduling a meeting with the committee.

Regarding the flood buyout program, after extensive discussion about requirements by the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development in order to receive the $947,007 buyout monies for fifteen households, the Board directed Ms. Stasik to request another extension from PEMA’s deadline. Mr. Eyerly will contact David Grey, Economic Development Analyst for the Dept. of Community and Economic Development, to see whether the Township could waive adopting a number of the HUD policies that would not benefit the citizens of the Township. Mr. McDonald suggested contacting William Seigel, Chief of Community Development for the Susquehanna Economic Development Association Council of Governments (SEDA-COG), or Richard Kisner, Project Coordinator for the County Redevelopment Authority, either of whom would be knowledgeable about this type of project, for advice regarding the HUD requirements.

Regarding the First Keystone Community Bank proposal, Ms. Stasik stated the differences in rates between First Keystone and First Columbia Bank & Trust Co., which currently manages the Township’s accounts, is so minimal that she did not feel it would justify switching financial institutions. Ms. Stasik will contact First Keystone to thank them for their presentation and let them know the Township accounts will remain with First Columbia for the time being.

Regarding the need for the municipal building roof repair, Mr. Koons explained the problems. The Board directed Mr. Koons to contact additional contractors to receive a clearer idea of the scope of work and the cost.

Regarding the use of the empty lots from the previous flood buyout, Mr. Koons stated he received a request from a resident to use the lots to fly remote controlled devices. Discussion ensued regarding the fact that the buyout parcels are public land since they are owned by the Township. However, to eliminate the flood hazard no ground can be disturbed and nothing permanent can be placed there. Mr. Eyerly requested that the Planning Commission consider possible uses for the buyout properties at their next meeting and provide recommendations about what the Township should or should not allow or promote. Mr. Eyerly stated his preference would be that Mr. Koons contact the resident and let him know that the Township will not give permission now but may have some guidelines in the future.

Chief Klingler stated Ptlm. Brock Puterbaugh is resigning his full-time position, but will continue to work part-time for the Police Department. The Chief requested permission to hire a replacement. Mr. Eyerly made a motion to authorize Chief Klingler to hire another full-time police officer, given the resignation of Ptlm. Puterbaugh. Mr. Ackerman seconded and the motion carried 3-0.

Mr. Ackerman made a motion to adjourn. Mr. Hafner seconded and the motion carried 3-0. The meeting adjourned at 7:51 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Brittany M. Stasik

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